Moving Forward with Integrity

Innovation Leadership for San Leandro

Benny Lee accepting the Cybersecurity and Privacy Leadership Award on behalf of the County of San Mateo at the Annual Cybersecurity Symposium for mentoring the experts.

Benny giving a presentation at the NIST Global Cities Team Challenge Conference and Exposition on Public Wi-Fi implementations in the County of San Mateo and the positive outcomes.

  • As Your Mayor, Benny will bring free Public Wi-Fi and fast Broadband for San Leandro residents, students, and businesses because he has the experience to get it done!
    • Public Wi-Fi site expansions account for a million hours usage per month
    • Underserved and underconnected communities benefiting from free Public Wi-Fi
  • He has authored blueprints for the NIST to streamline Public Wi-Fi installations for Smart Cities around the world.

    Click here for the blueprint.

Benny has built out San Mateo County’s free Public WiFi system with over a million hours used monthly by:
  • People accessing County Services
  • People patronizing the local businesses
  • Students doing their schoolwork and learning
  • Those who have limited or no Internet


Benny has built a high-speed fiber network that benefits Eight cities
  • 40 Gbps – transfers Blu-ray movies in less than one minute
  • Cities can share resources and expand their smart city efforts
  • Cities can pool together to significantly lower costs



Innovation / Smart Cities

The FREE Public WiFi is tied to all innovation projects and smart cities concepts since it will provide the Internet broadband backbone.

  • Air Sensors – air quality tools to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (climate change)
  • Noise Sensors – reduce noise pollution that impacts are daily / nightly lives
  • Safety Cameras – improve public safety effectiveness and efficiency
  • Heavy Vehicle Sensors – keep heavy vehicle operators accountable
  • Traffic Sensors – automatic traffic tools to ease congestion and improve traffic flow