Moving Forward with Integrity

Why am I running?

We can do better and we need a change in the leadership of City Hall. The Mayor’s leadership is stifling our positive outcomes with the high-tech fiber infrastructure I proposed and established when you elected me to the San Leandro City Council in 2012.  The delayed Marina Shoreline project not moving forward costs us over a thousand jobs and millions in revenue. There are significant projected budget gaps after just three years under our current Mayor’s leadership.

As your mayor, I want to:

⇒ BUILD OUT San Leandro’s public Wi-Fi program to provide FREE internet to the residents, schools and businesses in San Leandro. Which will make San Leandro the leader in services available, increase home values, attract businesses and create jobs.

⇒ INCREASE jobs, business development and investments for small, medium and large businesses.

  • Advance Marina Shoreline Project.
  • Organically grow our revenue to work towards solving our budget gaps.


  • The Marina Shoreline Project is a cornerstone development that will transform San Leandro
  • I will get it started and finished
  • Not a priority under current and prior Mayor (links to below presentations show ground breaking in 2014 or 2016 yet we haven’t broke ground and we’re heading into 2019.

Links to more information on the project

Information directly from developer:

⇒ EMBRACE diversity with programs to address and engage communities, for a safer and healthier city.

Accomplishments as YOUR Councilmember

Increased small business development and investments
  • Connected our businesses with investors.
  • Resolved minority small business challenges to increase positive outcomes and small business investments to increase jobs in San Leandro.
  • Advanced policies that would encourage small business development and entrepreneurship.
Advanced programs that supports our diverse population
  • Multiple language outreach.
    • Translations for non-english constituents during city council public comment sessions.
  • Passed in 2016, Measures NN to provide for more language services.
  • Advanced our public safety call system with multiple languages which made our community safer.
Enhanced public safety
  • Modernized our public safety resources from a 20+ year aging fleet for Police and Fire.
    • Replaced aging Police Car fleet with newer fleet.
    • Replaced Fire Truck and Ladder Truck.
  • Promoted Public Safety Innovations to enhance effectiveness, efficiency and readiness.
  • Adopted policies that protects the public’s privacy.
  • Engagement with diverse communities working with the Chief and SLPD.
  • Continue to drive for community outreach through inclusion.
    • Chinese Social Media tools such as Weibo and WeChat.
      • Recognized worldwide as subscribers grew throughout City, Regionally, Nationally and Internationally with 200,000+ subscribers – a milestone no other city had reached at this level domestically!
    • Continue push for Chinese/Spanish newspapers and radio outreach.
Initiated, pushed and supported innovation for city offices and communities
  • Initiated and pushed for free public wifi in our downtown and city facilities.
    • Nine more locations to happen this year with two plazas and seven parks for more public benefit!
  • Initiated and pushed for free online learning through our library systems.
    • Access to more than ten thousand training videos through the internet from anywhere with a San Leandro Library Card!
  • Brought National Recognition to the City of San Leandro through inclusive collaboration to author public wifi blueprint for the NIST Global Cities Team Challenge (GCTC).
  • Providing guidance and mentorship to the next generation leaders for NIST Global Cities Team Challenge for Privacy and Cybersecurity.