Moving Forward with Integrity

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We can do better for San Leandro!
We need a change in the leadership at City Hall!

We can do better and I will do my part to bring positive changes that will make San Leandrans proud. Together, we have shaped policies that improves the quality of life for children, our aging population and hard-working families. I’ve been speaking with many of you on shared concerns and hopes for San Leandro’s path into the 21st century.

Modernizing public safety and our city services to drive efficiency are my top priorities. We will increase our financial sustainability and resilience while giving our residents the top-notched services. We will get shovels into the ground for our delayed Marina Shoreline and many other projects which will create thousands of local jobs and millions in revenue transforming commute time to family time.

My financial background and expertise in technology innovation has kept our tax dollars in check while enhancing our city staff work processes to save staffing costs optimally. We will do more innovation to drive more efficiency with new technologies.

Please join trailblazing leaders like State Treasurer John Chiang, Board of Equalization Fiona Ma, Assemblymember Kansen Chu, Fremont Mayor Lily Mei, Oakland Councilmember Abel Guillén and many residents in ELECTING BENNY LEE for SAN LEANDRO MAYOR.

From Talkable San Leandro – A Community Conversation Series